Customer Profile: Darlena Watchstraps of Bournemouth, Dorset

As one of the UKs top suppliers of quality watch straps and watch bracelets, Darlena requires quality print and design work for all aspect of its business. It’s been our pleasure to assist Darlena with their promotional and administrative print material for well over 30 years.

Services supplied:

Design work

In recent years we have been involved in the design of Darlena’s 74 page full colour sales catalogue. This involved taking the previous catalogue design and making it more visually appealing and accessible. By cleaning up the page layout and rethinking the colour palate we designed a catalogue that could be used for 2 to 3 years without the need for reworking.


Like any busy Bournemouth based company Darlena requires a fair amount of printing. The catalogue mentioned above is just one such example of full colour catalogue printing. We selected a durable paper stock and decide on the best type of perfect binding method. We regularly print two colour business cards and letterheads, single colour price lists, colour leaflets, and special offer flyers that are included with monthly statements. Turnaround times are important. At times we have gone from the initial printing request to hand delivery at Darlena’s head office in Bournemouth in under 2 days.


Good product photography is vital. As new watch straps become available these have to be photographed in order to be used in Darlena’s marketing material and sales support documents. Colour accuracy and texture definition are paramount. We worked over a period of several weeks, conducting text shots, in order establish a method of photographing Darlena’s newest products that is both workable and cost effective.

Website design

In 2018 we developed a brand new 100+ page corporate website for Darlena. Because of the assets we helped produce previously, many of which are mentioned above, we were able to quickly produce a secure, fast and effective website that appeals to Darlena’s customers in Bournemouth, Poole, Southampton and all across the UK.

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