Photography, Videos and Illustrations

Keeping everything in-house stops production costs from spiralling.
It also makes everything easy for our customers.

Our Dorset visual media customers include:


Usually we can find photos for your project from our library. However, at times something a little different is required.

The photo shown above is an example of in-house photo studio work that we have recently undertaken for Laser Crystal of Poole, Dorset


Sometimes hundreds of word can be replaced by a simple illustration. We use Adobe Illustrator on the Mac and Adobe Draw for the Apple iPad Pro to create unique images.

Recently we produced a series of large colourful campsite area maps for beautiful Norden Farm Campsite.


We’ve been shooting, editing and presenting video for our customers for well over 15 years.

We recently produced a video for the charming New Inn, Church Knowle, Purbeck. Everything, from planning to the editing was done by the team at Anglebury Press.

Below is an example of a video that we planned, shot and edited for The New Inn, Church Knowle, Nr. Corfe Castle, Purbeck, Dorset.